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Story Time With HD - From The Archives of HD - The Original HD RP

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Story Time With HD - From The Archives of HD - The Original HD RP

Post by Hannah "Destiny" Robson on Thu Feb 23, 2017 1:11 pm

Hannah Destiny - Singer / Wrestler!?

The scene opens to a live concert. The crowd is going crazy as the band pumps out hit after hit while the star of the night stands centre stage, hypnotising all with her incredible voice.


Kiss me, ki-ki-kiss me
Infect me with your loving
Fill me with your poison

Take me, ta-ta-take me
Wanna be your victim
Ready for abduction

Boy, you're an alien
Your touch so foreign
It's supernatural


Boy, you're an alien
Your touch so foreign
It's supernatural

When the last lyric escapes her lips, fireworks fly up into the sky from behind the stage as confetti rains down upon it from above. The crowd cheers their hearts out while Hannah gives them a small bow. Sweat drips from her face and body that is clad in tight leather trousers, knee high leather boots, a leather jacket with HD written in purple letters on the back and leather sleeveless top underneath. Her blonde hair is pulled back in a tight ponytail that after her performance is coming undone and getting messy.

Hannah: Thank you!! Thank you were a wonderful audience!! Goodnight everyone!!

Voice Over: Ladies and Gentlemen!! Miss Hannah Destiny!!

The crowd continues to cheer as Hannah gives on last bow to them all before turning to the side and waltzing off stage, still strutting her stuff despite her fatigue. Aides come to her side instantly after she is off the stage.

Aide #1: Good performance Miss Hannah.

Aide #2: Do you need anything Miss Hannah? Water? J2O? WKD?

Hannah: No thanks guys, I need to go meet up with Destiny. I promised to meet her after my performance. By the way, what's the time?

Aide #1: 9:45 Miss Hannah.

Hannah: Drat!! Guess I'll have to skip my after show shower. Still... I always love an excuse to wear this outfit. I love how it shows off my curves...

Aide #2: Ye... Yes Miss Han... Miss Hannah. You look devine as always in leather... Also Miss before your meeting with Miss Carr you have reporters waiting to talk to you about your upcoming wrestling career.

Hannah: *sigh*... I still haven't gotten used to the reporter side of fame. I wonder how Destiny and Steven deal with it... ah well I guess now is as good a time as any to get used to this.

Brushing her aides off, Hannah Destiny moves through the backstage of the concert and to the backdoor where she is met with a large group of reporters.

Hannah: Err... umm... one at a time please?

Reporter #1: Pro Wrestling Illustrated!! Hannah what was it like training with the legend that is Steven "The Wonder Boy"?

Hannah: Oh he is such a great teacher. At first I only ever wanted to be a singer which is why I wen under the wing of my idol Destiny Carr but as soon as I met Steven and he taught me a few moves just for fun I knew I also wanted to wrestle. It was really cool training with him for such a tough business, I hope I can make them both proud, they're two of my best friends in the world.

Reporter #2: Hannah rumour has it you are joining new company Arrow owned by former SSW, BGW, CEW and STW Star Alexis. Is this true?

Hannah: Yes it's true. I am so honoured to be working for such a strong, confident woman like Alexis. I've heard so much about her, from Steven I've heard she's a fun lady to get drunk with, from Destiny... well I heard she's not the kind of girl you should let your partner go to a Chrismas Party with at a Penguin's Locker Room. What that means I don't know...

Reporter #3: How do you feel about the the other wrestlers you'll be interacting with?

Hannah: Well it'll be a first for me. I haven't interacted with any other wrestlers besides Steven but I can't wait. I heard Gary Guitar is going to be in Arrow, his hot!! I wish I could be one of his groupies, they're so lucky that they get to hang around him all the time *sigh*... Also I hear Arrow has Era Dynamics as well, I don't much about her but I heard that she is one of the top women in the business. I hope I can be as strong as her and Alexis some day.

Reporter #4: Hannah how are you going to balance your two careers?

Hannah: Same way as Steven does.

Reporter #4: And how does he balance his?

Hannah: Err...

Hannah looks at the time on her phone and notices she is running late.

Hannah: Boys I'd love to stay and chat but I promised to go meet with Destiny and I'm already running late.

Reporters: But Hannah!! Hannah!! Miss Destiny!!

The reporters start to close in tighter then they originally were but Hannah is able to squeeze past them with some effort and leap into the driver's seat of her bright pink Ferrari. Without looking back she puts the key into the ignitions and speeds away, leaving the reporters with the smell of burning rubber and a view of her vanity plate "RCK N ROLL".

Interpromotional Champion aka The Best In The World!!

Hannah "Destiny" Michelle Robson née Evans

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Anyone who complains that an RP is "too long for them to read" is just proving how weak of an RPer they are and that they don't belong here.
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