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Story Time With HD - From The Archives of HD - MTV Title Battle Royal

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Story Time With HD - From The Archives of HD - MTV Title Battle Royal

Post by Hannah "Destiny" Robson on Sat Sep 03, 2016 6:01 pm

The Friday Night crowd are pumped up and excited as the current reigning and defending Interpromotional Champion and TMG MTV Champion, Hannah Destiny makes her leather clad way out onto the Entrance Stage. The men in the crowd are practically drooling like wild dogs as Hannah unzips her leather jacket to show off her two Championship Titles which are strapped around her gorgeous waist. She points down to both titles with both her index fingers which gets more cheers from the crowd before she descends down the ramp.

Syd: It's always a pleasure to see Hannah on Friday Nights. She has to be the single top reason to tune into TMG on Friday night.

Sanson: I'm sure a lot of our roster will disagree with you on that Syd but it's hard for me to disagree with you what with the reaction this young lady gets each and every week.

Syd: Exactly. Thus it almost brought a tear to my eye knowing that Hannah didn't appear much last Friday. It's always the pretty girls that get trapped into relationships.

Danny: And that's all she is, a pretty girl. The fact that she won the TMG Television Title and then replaced it with that bling-bling sideshow she calls a title shall forever disgust me.

Syd: Come on Danny, don't be an old fart.

Danny: Then add the fact that she represents TMG as the IP Champion!? Between her and that plant that Kailani is forced to be IP Tag Team Champions with, we must look like a right laughing stock to the other promotions.

Sanson: The fact that TMG holds both IP Championships makes us a laughing stock? Have you been buying from those Epik chumps again Danny?

Eventually Hannah makes it down to ringside and enters the ring the way all sexy female wrestlers do (You know, bent over at the waist, butt on full display). She climbs the turnbuckle and points down at her two titles one more time before dropping back down to the mat. She then takes out her custom microphone from the inside pocket of her leather jacket, ready to speak.

Crowd: HD!! HD!! HD!! HD!! HD!! HD!! HD!! HD!! HD!! HD!! HD!! HD!! HD!! HD!! HD!! HD!!

HD: Earlier this week via the TMG App I asked my old buddy Billy Piper for a challenger for my MTV Championship. A worthy challenger of course because we like all totally know that I can defeat everyone in the TMG Mid-Card in One on One Matches. In fact we like all totally know that if anyone should take on Wildie for the Ultimate Championship it's me. Out of all people who wrestle on Wrecking Session, I am the undisputed cream of the crop. I may be MTV Champion but I am also the Interpromotional Champion, which automatically places me head and shoulders above the entire roster.

Which is why Billy probably decided to throw his little Pop Princess not just one challenger but a whole group of challengers. Tonight I am going to defend my MTV Championship against 7 other members of the roster in an Over The Top Rope Battle Royal. Tonight I am going to defeat 7 other members of the roster to retain my MTV Championship. And I say why wait any longer? Why continue yacking on forever like a certain other current Interpromotional Champion?

Hannah gives a wink to the camera.

HD: I need a warm up for the Tag Tournament Semi-Finals and so I say we start this Battle Royal right now!!

The crowd start to cheer like mad as Hannah discards her microphone and starts to remove her leather jacket.

Sanson: Well you saw what went down on the TMG App and you heard what Hannah just said. Looks like we're about to have an MTV Title Match right now.

Syd: This is why I love TMG!! This is why I love Hannah!!

Danny: You mean we're about to have a TV Title Match.

Sanson: Whatever floats your boat Danny.

Syd: I can't wait to see who Billy picked to face Hannah. I hope they're all hot ladies just like her.

While Syd starts to dream of Hannah Destiny girl/girl action, lets go on over to the lovely Leah Labelle for the match proceedings.

Leah Labelle: The following contest is an Eight Person Over The Top Rope Battle Royal!! The only way to win this bout is to throw your opponents over the top rope and have both of their feet touching the floor at the same time. The last person standing will be the winner!! And it is for the TMG MTV Championship!!

Leah Labelle: Introducing first, standing in the ring, from Los Angeles, California. She is the Interpromotional Champion and the TMG MTV Champion, Hannah Destiny!!

Hannah holds her MTV Championship up high in the air as the crowd continue to cheer and show their support for the TMG Pop Princess.

Leah Labelle: And her opponents, first he is the former TMG TV Champion, Charus!!

While Charus makes his way to the ring, Leah keeps ongoing with the announcing to speed things up.

Leah Labelle: And now introducing competitor number 3, Albanach!!

Leah Labelle: Next is number 4, Nate H!!

Leah Labelle: And now number 5, Ged!!

Leah Labelle: And now competitor number 6, Nixon!!

Leah Labelle: Number 7 is Cena7!!

Leah Labelle: And finally number 8, Horadus!!

All 7 join Hannah inside the ring as multiple TMG referees make their way down to the ring and take up positions on each side of the ring. There will be no eliminations that will be missed in this match.

Syd: Wow would you look at that line up right there.

Sanson: Billy certainly didn't hold anything back when Hannah asked him for a challenge for her MTV Title.

Danny: I can only pray that one of these 7 guys wins so that we can have the old TV Title reinstated.

Syd: Quit being a sour puss Danny!!

Everyone inside the ring is on edge along with everyone watching as they wait for the opening bell to ring...

Ding, Ding!!

The second the bell rings Horadus surprises everyone watching by immediately clotheslining Cena7 up and over the top rope and out of the ring.

Leah Labelle: Cena7 has been eliminated!!

Danny: Okay my money is on Horadus.

Syd: Yeah well my money is still on our resident Pop Princess.

Sanson: I say it could go to anyone, this is an Over the Top Rope Battle Royal after all.

After that quick elimination everyone splits up. Nixon and Ged attempt to double team Horadus, Nate H and Albanach decide go after each other, while Charus targets the person who took his title from him: Hannah Destiny.

Using his height and weight advantage Charus forces Hannah backwards into the ropes and starts to try and lift her up over the ropes. Hannah fights backs with punches and kicks but to no avail as Charus keeps forcing her more and more over the top rope.

Finally a well placed kick to the groin is able to stop Charus dead in his tracks and allow Hannah to duck underneath him and by using all the strength she can muster, throw him up and over the top rope. Charus however lands on the ring apron and surprises Hannah by grabbing her hair from behind. Hannah counters however by surprising Charus with a jumping kick to the face.

Syd: Kick of Destiny!! But Charus is still hanging onto the ropes!!

Danny: Thank god for that!!

Hannah tries with all her might to break Charus' grip on the ropes but is only met with punches to the face followed by a shoulder to the gut. This leaves Hannah wide open, allowing Charus to lift her up in a suplex position to try and throw her outside the ring. Hannah counters though by dropping down onto the ring apron and quickly using the ropes to allow her to kick Charus in the back. This leaves Charus reeling, giving Hannah the opportunity to jump to the top rope and hit him with a springboard dropkick that knocks Charus down to the floor.

Leah Labelle: Charus has been eliminated!!

Syd: And that leaves us with 6 competitors left.

Sanson: And it's still anyone's game.

Danny: Don't count on it. This is the match where we finally gain a TV Champion with dignity.

Hannah quickly moves over to the Albanach vs Nate H scenario while on the other side of the ring Horadus is dominating both Nixon and Ged single handedly. First he knocks down Nixon with an elbow to the face, then he turns around and knocks down Ged with an elbow to the face. Nixon gets back up but Horadus just bodyslams them back down followed by a bodyslam to Ged as well.

Nixon gets back up but Horadus just boots them in the face, causing Nixon to fall backwards over the top rope but land on the ring apron. Horadus quickly turns his attentions towards Ged who he slams down hard to the mat with a spinebuster before turning back to the recovering Nixon who he delivers a spine buster to as well.

Danny: I told you my money was on Horadus.

Sanson: And so far that looks like money well placed.

Danny: Always bet on the big guy. That's what I always say.

Syd: When have you ever said that?

Finally Horadus stops playing around and lifts Ged up high and powerbombs him down to the outside. Nixon tries to attack him from behind but Horadus shrugs it off and easily lifts Nixon up and powerbombs them just like Ged, down to the outside.

Leah Labelle: Ged has been eliminated!!

Leah Labelle: Nixon has been eliminated!!

Danny: That's three eliminations for Horadus now. Count them, three!!

Sanson: Cena7, Ged and Nixon have all fallen to him and I guess the question to ask now is; “Who is next?”

Danny: It doesn't matter. Nate H, Albanach and Hannah don't stand a chance against the performance Horadus has been putting on tonight.

Syd: We'll see Danny, we'll see.

Nate H and Albanach are duking it out with punch after punch from either side when Hannah arrives to strike Nate H from behind which allows Albanach the chance to start trying to lift Nate H over the top rope. Giving him a helping hand, Hannah assists Albanach in trying to eliminate Nate H. Nate however isn't going down without a fight though as he fights off both Albanach and Hannah with elbows and knees. This counter attack breaks the elimination attempt, allowing Nate H to force Albanach back into the corner with strikes to the head before trying to push him over the ropes.

Albanach isn't going down without a fight though either as he elbows Nate H in the jaw before headbutting him right in the face. Nate H stumbles back allowing Albanach to follow up with a dropkick that knocks Nate H into the ropes. Hannah tries to use this moment to eliminate him but Nate H fights back with an elbow to the Champ.

Nate H is far from safe though as Albanach quickly grabs him and tries to throw him over the ropes. Hannah quickly recovers and assists in the elimination attempt before Nate H can break free from Albanach's grasp. Working together both Albanach and Hannah manage to lift Nate H up and over the ropes and out of the ring.

Leah Labelle: Nate H has been eliminated!!

Sanson: That was some mighty fine team work there from Hannah and Albana...

Partnerships don't last long in Over the Top Rope Battle Royals and this one is no different as Albanach grabs Hannah by the hair and launches her over the top rope.

Syd: That double crossing [Censored]!!

Danny: Ha!! I love it!! Looks like the little Princess isn't going to have a fairy tale ending!!

Luckily for Hannah though she barely, just barely, manages to land on the ring apron thus keeping her in the match. Albanach immediately follows up by punching Hannah in her pretty little face to try and unbalance her but she counter-attacks by firing off some punches of her own with her free hand while keeping a tight grip on the ring rope with her other hand.

Albanach retaliates with a headbutt to Hannah's forehead which disorientates her but she instinctively retaliates with another shot right in Albanach's mouth. Albanach being the twisted little S.O.B he is blocks Hannah's next shot and traps her arm allowing him to land several headbutts in a row right in her face.

Sanson: That may very well leave a mark.

Danny: I hope so.

Syd: I can't watch guys. Such perfection shouldn't be damaged like this.

Despite nearly being out of it due to the multiple headbutts from Albanach, Hannah is able to create some breathing room by reaching back as far as she can before swinging her hand as hard as she can into Albanach's face with a slap that leaves him in a complete daze.

Hannah uses this moment to climb back through the ropes into the ring but out of nowhere Albanach grabs her by the hair and throws her back over the top rope with all his strength. Hannah is left hanging on by a thread as despite just managing to grab a hold of the top rope to save herself, her feet are just centimetres perhaps even millimetres away from touching the floor. All the while Albanach takes the moment to gloat, not knowing that his elimination is only half complete.

Sanson: We could be close to having a new Champion here tonight if Hannah is unable to get back inside the ring.

Danny: My wish has come true then Sanson.

Syd: If you wanted a crazy clown or a giant muscle head as Champion then you clearly need a better wish granter Danny.

Using all her athletic ability Hannah manages to skin the cat and lift her legs over her head and back over the top rope. Albanach finally realises that Hannah is still in the match and rushes back over to her. Hannah uses the opportunity to grab Albanach by the neck with her feet and throw him over the top rope with a headscissors. Albanach falls down to the outside while Hannah just manages to safely rest her feet on the ring apron.

Leah Labelle: Albanach has been eliminated!!

Albanach is furious with his elimination and has to be held back by security as Hannah makes it safely back into the ring... and straight into the body of Horadus who delivers a quick clothesline that sends Hannah back over the top rope and onto the ring apron. This time however Hannah is lying out on the ring apron and has her arms and legs wrapped around the bottom rope as Horadus starts to stomp away at her body.

Eventually, with Hannah not budging, Horadus backs off and allows Hannah to crawl back through the ropes. He follows up with a humiliating kick to her butt that knocks her completely off her hands and knees. Once Hannah is back to her feet Horadus Irish whips her into the corner before following up by running straight into her and squashing in the corner. He then Irish whips he into the opposite corner and does the same thing.

Horadus scoops up Hannah and places her over his shoulder, perhaps for an elimination attempt but she just manages to slide down off of Horadus' shoulder and grapples him from behind for her own elimination attempt. This is quickly stopped however by Horadus smacking Hannah in the face with a back elbow. He then proceeds to clothesline her once, twice and thrice before he grabs her by her face and pushes her all the way across the ring and over the top rope.

Hannah just manages to land sideways on the ring apron and grab hold of the middle rope to save herself. Horadus immediately starts to land sledgehammer like blows down upon her back but Hannah refuses to give in as she lands some blows of her own to Horadus' midsection. It's just enough to create a few seconds of breathing room which Hannah uses to take a firm hold of the ring ropes and catapult herself over the top and straight into Horadus, knocking him off his feet.

Sanson: This is quite the battle. Despite Horadus' size and weight advantage, Hannah still manages to keep herself in this Battle Royal.

Syd: That's my girl.

Danny: It's a waste of time if you ask me. She hasn't got a chance in hell of walking away from this match as the Champion.

Once both are back to their respective feet Hannah tries to take Horadus back off his feet with a double leg take down but comes up a little short in the strength department. Horadus uses the opportunity to lift Hannah up with a gut wrench and then slam her down to the mat with a powerbomb.

Sanson: Look at the strength!!

Danny: I told you. She hasn't got a chance in hell.

Horadus begins to lift Hannah back up so he can throw her over the top rope but a well placed kick downstairs leaves Horadus wide open for a DDT that takes both competitors down. Hannah is the first to recover and get back to her feet where she quickly locks Horadus in her It's Fate Sharpshooter.

Syd: It's Fate!! She has it locked in tight!!

Danny: Big whoop. She can't win by tap out.

Sanson: Yes but by taking out the legs she can weaken some of Horadus' amazing power.

Horadus fights through the pain of the It's Fate and uses his legs to kick and power out of the move, sending Hannah flying across the ring. The second both are back up Hannah charges into Horadus and takes the big guy down with a spear. Horadus does his best to get back up despite his midsection being in pain from Hannah's spear. As soon as he does Hannah is right back on him, trying to lift him up, but not to eliminate him but rather for an Air Guitar.

Horadus is too heavy for her though and so the move she took from good friend Gary Guitar fails miserably and he fight Hannah off with a back elbow to the face. With Hannah now temporarily stunned, Horadus uses the opening in front of him to grab Hannah by the throat and push her backwards over the top rope. Hannah lands on her feet though and immediately slides through Horadus' legs and back into the ring.

Before Horadus can even turn around Hannah leaps into the air and takes him by the neck to drive him down to the mat with a neckbreaker. By the time that he manages to get back up Hannah is right behind him and immediately starts trying to lift him up over the top rope. Horadus struggles as Hannah digs down deep to try and completely lift him up and over. It's a battle of two opposing forces as Horadus does his best to stay in the match and Hannah does her best to win the match.

Eventually it's both that end up going over the top rope with Horadus landing on the outside floor and Hannah landing on the ring apron and then the outside floor.

Leah Labelle: Horadus has been eliminated!! Therefore your winner and still TMG MTV Champion, Hannah Destiny!!

Syd: She did it!!

Danny: No!!

Sanson: An amazing performance and title defence by Hannah here tonight.

Danny: No!! No!! No!! This can't be!!

Syd: It can and it is Danny. Hannah is still our MTV Champion.

Hannah drags herself back to her feet before she rolls back into the ring and takes both of her title belts from a referee before climbing the turnbuckles in victory as the crowd cheer her victory. All the while, Horadus walks away in defeat like the other six involved in this match.

Sanson: Hannah is in a celebratory mood right now but will she still be later on tonight?

Danny: That's right Sanson, how could I forget!! The Semi-Finals of the Tag Team Tournament. That's where the Pop Princess will lose.

Syd: In your dreams Danny. My Hannah can over come a little kid no matter how adorable he may appear to be and his grandpa.

Interpromotional Champion aka The Best In The World!!

Hannah "Destiny" Michelle Robson née Evans

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Anyone who complains that an RP is "too long for them to read" is just proving how weak of an RPer they are and that they don't belong here.
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