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Story Time With HD - From The Archives of HD - The HD Heel Turn

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Story Time With HD - From The Archives of HD - The HD Heel Turn

Post by Hannah "Destiny" Robson on Sat Sep 03, 2016 8:09 am

The TNT crowd are on their feet and cheering their hearts out as 'Bombshell Blonde' starts to play and the beautiful and leather clad vixen that is Hannah Destiny skips her way out from the backstage. Her IP Title and TNT Maximum Impact Title are strapped tightly around her waist while she holds her TMG Tag Cup in her hand as she skips down to the ring and crawls all sexy like underneath the ropes on her hands and knees. The cameraman sneaks in a close up of her butt in their tight leather hot pants, before Hannah stands up and climbs the turnbuckles where she raises her hands high and soaks in the applause of her audience .

Signs are held in the hands of many fans, with some displaying things such as “DIVORCE ROB AND MARRY ME HD!!”, “VENI VIDI VICI!!” and “FRIENDZONE, POPULATION: FERN!!”

Enough of that though, it's time for Hannah to speak as she drops back down to the mat and takes out her custom microphone.

HD: Cuties of the TMG Universe, please help me in welcoming back to TMG after a long time away, the love of my life and former manager of the defunct Singing Superstars, manager of the current TNT Maximum Impact Champion, manager of one half of the current TMG Tag Cup Champions and manager of the current Interpromotional Champion, SPICY!!

The crowd shows their appreciation to the woman who helped put the two awesome stars of Gary Guitar and Hannah Destiny together. Spicy waves to the many fans packing in the arena for TNT as she makes her way down to the ring. Once inside the ring she is immediately greeted by her girlfriend Hannah who locks lips with her in an intimate display of affection. After breaking off the kiss, Hannah licks her lips.

HD: Mmmm... still as good as the day I first kissed you.

The men of the crowd love a good lesbian kiss and so applaud and wolf whistle.

HD: Thank you guys and now with Spicy nice and healthy and back in my corner, I will only become more stronger. With her love giving me strength not only will I remain the Interpromotional Champion, not only will I remain the TNT Maximum Impact Champion and not only will I remain a TMG Tag Cup Champion, but I could one day become World Takeover Champion. Wouldn't that be awesome?

Crowd: YES!! YES!! YES!! YES!! YES!! YES!! YES!! YES!!

HD: I know, it would be like so totally awesome.

Hannah places her free hand inside the waist band of Spicy's jeans.

HD: With Spicy as my manager I can do anything!! …. WE can do anything!!

Crowd: HD!! HD!! HD!! HD!! HD!! HD!! HD!! HD!!

HD: And nobody can stop us!!

As if on cue Rob Robson aka the husband of Hannah, appears on the entrance stage. The crowd immediately begins to boo and heckle him.


Rob: Settle down you uncool freaks. I am here to talk with my wife.


Rob: Whatever. So honey how are you doing tonight? I mean you don't text me or sext me, you don't return my calls. Have you even checked out the classifieds I sent you? I found quite a nice number of houses that would be just perfect for us to live in together.

While talking Rob has made his way down to the ring which he enters and tries to plant a kiss on his wife. Hannah however takes a step back and stands in front of Spicy to protect her from anything Rob may try and pull.

Rob: Oh come on my sweet. Can't your wonderful husband get one small kiss from his beautiful wife?

HD: NO!!

Rob: Oh that hurts Hannah. But you don't have to hide your feelings for me, after all the whole world knows that you still wear my wedding ring after all this time.

Hannah gets all nervous and sweaty as she absent-mindedly starts playing with the ring on her finger, the ring that marks her marriage to Rob.

Rob: Are you sure that after all this time you still keep it on your finger because it's ''stuck''or is it for some other reason? Could it be you keep on wearing it because deep down you truly do care for your husband? You care for the true love of your life. Which of course means you are lying to the poor woman standing behind you. Oh Hannah, Hannah, Hannah... here I thought you were such a kind hearted lady, such a sweet and gentle wife. Yet here you are lying to this poor woman, this poor... cold hearted woman.

HD: Cold hearted!? You were the one who punched Spicy while she was pregnant!!

Rob: Oh Hannah my poor misguided wife. Still you protect this woman after all the nasty things she has done and yet hate on me your husband despite all the love, happiness and attention I have given you.

HD: You are deluded. Spicy loves me and I love her. She makes me happy and I make her happy. She gives me the attention I need and I give her the attention she needs. Together we are going to raise her baby with the same love and care that we show each other.

Rob: Lies!! All Lies!! She doesn't truly love you. No one who loves such a lovely creature such as yourself would ever lie to you.

HD: You're crazy!!

Rob: Crazy in love babe. You still don't get it do you? Everyone is in on it but you. Spicy won't tell you the truth, Blake Lawson won't tell you the truth, Epik won't tell you the truth, Fernandmg won't tell you the truth, none of these inbred hicks will tell you the truth.


Rob: The only one around here who is willing to tell you the truth is me!! Me your husband!!

HD: The truth about what!?

At that moment you can see Spicy pleading to Rob behind Hannah's back not to reveal what she thinks he is going to reveal. However this only brings a smile to Rob's face. Man what a bastard.

Rob: The truth about...

Spicy: Please just stop!!

Spicy comes out from behind Hannah and stands between her and Rob.

Spicy: Just leave us alone!! Divorce Hannah like she wants and just go away!! All we want to do is be a happy family together, a family that doesn't include you!!

Rob: Excuse me love but this is a private matter between me and my wife. Why don't you run along back to your curry making boyfriend.

BAM!! Spicy delivers a hard slap to Rob's face which only causes him to laugh out loud.

Rob: You'll do anything to hide the truth won't you? You'll do anything to lie to my wife, lie right to her face about something she had every right to know about. Well unlike you I refuse to lie straight to my wife's face.

Spicy: That ring means nothing!! You can call Hannah your wife as much as you like but it won't change the fact that she is with me!! She is my soul mate and you, you freak, are just going to have to get that through your thick head. Face it already Rob!! Epik don't want you, the fans don't want you and most importantly Hannah doesn't want you!!

HD: Exactly!! So why don't you just piss off out of our lives for good!!


Rob rubs his chin as he thinks things over for a moment. What is this son of a bitch up to?

Rob: I could go and leave your lives for good, I could let you two go and raise Blake Jr together as you desire, I could let you two get married or whatever the same-sex version is called, I could do all those things and more... or I could tell you that for weeks on end Spicy, if that is her real name, was refusing to tell you that Gary Guitar was alive!!

You could hear a pin drop the arena is so quiet. Spicy has her face buried in her hands in embarrassment while Hannah is stunned into silence. Eventually Hannah is able to pull herself together.

HD: What?... That... that's not true... you're just making stuff up.

Rob: Oh really then how do you explain... THIS!!

The TNT Titantron starts to play some footage from a few seasons back. It shows the return of Gary Guitar as he meets with Blake Lawson and all the times Gary tried to meet with Hannah but was stopped from seeing her by Spicy.

Inside the ring Spicy is distraught while Hannah can't believe what she is seeing or hearing. Rob has a huge grin on his face as he steps behind her and starts to give Hannah one of his magical shoulder rubs.

Rob: I know it hurts honey but as your husband I thought you needed to know the truth.

Hannah's mind is a whirlwind of emotions right now. Anger from being lied to about one of her best friends, sadness from her world being turned upside down once again, lust from having her husband give her the best shoulder rub she has ever had... wait what!?

Rob: You deserved to know the truth, you deserved to know that this she-devil was lying to you.

The shoulder rub comes to an end when Spicy takes Hannah by the hand and pulls her out of Rob's slimy grip.

Spicy: Hannah I am so, so sorry. I never, ever wanted you to find out this way.

Tears form in Hannah's eyes at the same time that you can see anger slowly forming inside them.

HD: So you admit it then? It's all true?

Spicy: Y... Yes it's true, all true.

Spicy starts to cry as she holds Hannah tight and hugs her. Her tears leave a salty puddle on her shoulder. Hannah however doesn't hug Spicy back instead she breaks Spicy's grip and takes a step back from her girlfriend.

Spicy: Hannah I...

The entire arena is stunned into silence as Hannah slaps Spicy hard across the face. The force of the slap knocks Spicy to the floor where she holds her face where Hannah's hand struck it and begins to cry even harder then before, this time from a broken heart.

HD: You bitch!! How could you lie to me!!

Hannah moves to slap Spicy again but Rob steps forward and grabs his wife's hand.

Rob: Honey that's enough now sweetheart.

For his troubles Rob gets a slap from Hannah as well before she turns back to Spicy and slaps her again. Hannah is in full rage mode as she lets out a loud scream before kicking the cameraman, who is standing on the apron, right in the chest and sending him flying off the apron. She then slides out of the ring and starts to break apart the announce table. Sanson tries to stop her but she slaps him in the face as well before also slapping poor innocent Barry Banana for good measure. Next her rage takes her over to the time keeper's area where she takes Max Branning by his shirt collar and throws him against the barricade.

Everyone who is a member of TNT staff backs away in fear as Hannah storms around the ringside area, not knowing which one of them she'll attack next. Spicy continues to cry as she realises she has lost Hannah, perhaps for ever, as Hannah makes her way up the ramp. The anger in her eyes is on full display.

Despite it probably being unwise to confront her at a time like this, Rob decides to follow after his wife thus leaving poor Spicy alone in the ring crying her eyes out. A cameraman runs behind Rob, trying to catch up with him as he tries to catch up with Hannah. Once backstage you can see Hannah throwing things around and knocking things over as her anger is let loose. In her emotional state the anger quickly turns into tears however as she slumps against the wall and starts crying. This is when Rob makes his move.

Rob: Hannah shhh it's okay, shhh don't cry it's okay.

Despite being the catalyst that caused the current situation Rob is able to embrace Hannah and pull her into him where she continues to cry into his suit jacket.

Rob: Everything's going to be okay. Your hubby is here now.

While still crying into Rob's suit jacket Hannah starts to pound her fist into Rob's chest. Clearly she wants to get rid of him... but at the same time wishes to keep holding onto him. Eventually with his suit jacket soaked with tears, Rob holds Hannah in front of him at arms length. Her eyes are red from all the crying and yet somehow she still looks like a goddess of beauty.

Suddenly though in a shocking turn of events it is Hannah who pushes Rob against the wall and starts to kiss and make out with him aggressively. Her tongue explores his mouth as she uses her hands to rip open his shirt and feel and caress his body. Meanwhile Rob gets over the shock of the surprise make out session and takes a firm grasp of Hannah's butt cheeks with his hands. They continue to lock lips and play tonsil hockey as Hannah ruthlessly pulls Rob's suit jacket and shirt off his shoulders to the floor while Rob slides his hands slowly up Hannah's body and then slides her leather jacket off her shoulders.

The kiss keeps on going as Rob undoes the buckles on Hannah's corset top, leaving her upper body completely naked. The camera however can only see Hannah's bare back though as she leaps into Rob's arms and wraps her legs around his waist. He then carries her into a nearby empty dark room and kicks the door closed behind him.

Fade to black.

Interpromotional Champion aka The Best In The World!!

Hannah "Destiny" Michelle Robson née Evans

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