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Story Time With HD - From The Archives of HD - HD vs Cartwrong - IP Title Match

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Story Time With HD - From The Archives of HD - HD vs Cartwrong - IP Title Match

Post by Hannah "Destiny" Robson on Sat Sep 03, 2016 5:23 pm

It's been two weeks since her steamy, sexy and down right naughty performance but she's back ladies and gentlemen. Yes that right folks, 'Bombshell Blonde' is playing loudly across the arena as the current reigning and defending (regardless of what that dick Brandon says) Interpromotional Champion and TMG MTV Champion Hannah Destiny skips her way out onto the Entrance Stage of Tuesday Night Takeover as the crowd cheers loudly for her.

Crowd: HD!! HD!! HD!! HD!! HD!! HD!! HD!! HD!! HD!! HD!! HD!! HD!!

She skips her way down the ramp as fans in the front row reach out as far as they can for the slim chance that they may get the honour of touching this beautiful goddess like woman. (Her hands not anything else you dirty minded readers, I'm looking at you Carty)

Barry Banana: Man I love the sight of Hannah Destiny. I especially loved the sight of her wearing only a tiny little thong last time she was here.

Sanson: It'll go down in the record books as one of the highest rated shows in the history of TNT.

Barry Banana: And one I'll gladly buy the DVD of.

Once Hannah has made her way into the ring, and by her way we mean she crawled in under the ropes like a leather wearing cat with her cute little butt on display in it's tiny little pair of hot pants, she climbs the turnbuckles and raises her arms up in victory as the crowd continues to cheer for her.

Barry Banana: TAKE IT OFF!!

Sanson: Relax you!!

Afterwards she drops down to the mat and takes out her custom microphone, ready to speak to the sea of HD fans and the many horny males that make up a vast majority of it.

HD: Tonight I am here for three very simple reasons. One is to cheer on Epik and their team mate who I like to think is a personal friend of mine, Missy P.

Crowd: Missy P!! Missy P!! Missy P!! Missy P!! Missy P!! Missy P!! Missy P!! Missy P!!

HD: Two is to keep an eye on Fern and his briefcase that he won from Brandon Collins that he won from... well nobody really remembers if he actually won it or just made it up but anyway as I was saying I am here to keep an eye on Fern and his briefcase. If Little Ferny thinks he can cash in that stupid little briefcase to win my MTV Title or god forbid my Interpromotional Championship then he has another thing coming. Because unlike our last match where I let him win because I felt sorry for him because all the poor kid wants is some RP Stars, if he dared to fight me again I'd leave nothing for Noah to defend his Takeover Championship against!!

Hannah has a dark look on her face that looks like she is burning a hole through Fern's soul right this second before it fades away to be replaced by a sweet angelic smile.

HD: Third is to show all the little bitches like Brandon Collins why I was actually able to beat Blake Lawson for the Interpromotional Championship while he never could!!

The dark look returns, this time like Hannah is burning a hole through Brandon's soul.

HD: Which is why tonight on the final TNT Show of the season, I'm issuing an open challenge to anybody in the world, anybody in this promotion or any other, anyone from wrestling's past, wrestling's future or wrestling's present to come out here and see if they can do what Brandon Collins could never do. Become the new Interpromotional Championship!!

Crowd: HD!! HD!! HD!! HD!! HD!! HD!! HD!! HD!! HD!! HD!! HD!! HD!!

Barry Banana: Man that Hannah sure know how to get the blood pumping and I'm not talking about her open challenge.

Sanson: Seriously man?Anyway this is the 2nd time in less than a week that Hannah will defend a Championship Title of hers. The question now is, who will step up?

Barry Banana: I should do it. I'd love to lay Hannah on her back, pin her ankles back behind her head...

Sanson: Barry!!

Barry Banana: And have the ref count 1-2-3. What? What did you think I was talking about?

Sanson: N... Nothing...

Barry Banana: You have a dirty mind Sanson.

Time goes by... so slowly... Time goes by... so slowly... (okay enough of the Madonna lyrics) It seems like nobody within the surrounding area wishes to challenge for the Interpromotional Championship when suddenly 'Am I Evil?' starts to play and the crowd goes ballistic...

Sanson: No way!! It can't be!!

Barry Banana: Who else would have this as their entrance music? It's Cartwright!! Evil's conga dancing skeleton has come to TNT to challenge for the IP Title!!

Sanson: Well pinch me because I still say I'm dreaming.

Crowd: Evil... lution!! Evil... lution!! Evil... lution!! Evil... lution!!

The crowd can't believe the treat they are getting here tonight on TNT, this is a dream come true right here.

But the dream turns in a nightmare and the treat turns sour as someone who looks like a mutant version of Cartwright appears from behind the curtain instead of the real Cartwright. He looks like a Bizarro League version of Cartwright if you ask me.

Sanson: Who the hell is that!?

Barry Banana: Brush up on your wrestling history Sanson. That's Peevilution's very own Cartwrong!!

Sanson: Who!?

Cartwrong does his best to get his own version of the Carty Train rolling, however this one fails to make it out of the station as Cartwrong trips up over his own legs and rolls down the ramp like a pudding down the street. Once at the bottom he gets up, dusts himself off and holds his arms up in victory. That's too bad for the fans though who wanted him to be hurt.

The crowd rains down boos upon Cartwrong as he stumbles his way into the ring where Hannah Destiny still stands, unsure of whether to laugh or ask where Ashton Kutcher is hiding? Cartwrong however take it upon himself point at the Interpromotional Championship around Hannah's waist and then do a Championship Belt motion near his own waist.

Barry Banana: It's clear what he wants. Cartwrong wants to be what his evil twin has never been, the IP Champion!!

Sanson: This clown? Really!? I thought April Fools was tomorrow?

Cartwrong repeats the motion one more time as Hannah finally snaps out of her shock, takes off the Interpromotional Championship and holds it up high in the air to the roar of the crowd.

Sanson: I guess it's official.

Barry Banana: What a treat Sanson. The sexy Hannah Destiny vs the oddball Cartwrong. It's a dream match.

Sanson: Clearly thought up by an insane person.

A referee runs down to the ring as TNT Announcer Max Branning begins the introductions.

Max Branning: The following contest is scheduled for One Fall and it is for the Interpromotional Championship!!

Max Branning: Introducing first, the challenger from Parts Unknown and representing Peevilution, he is Cartwrong!!


Max Branning: And now his opponent. From Los Angeles California, she is the current reigning and defending Interpromotional Champion and TMG MTV Champion, Hannah Destiny!!

Crowd: HD!! HD!! HD!! HD!! HD!! HD!! HD!! HD!! HD!! HD!! HD!! HD!!

Hannah hands over the IP Title to the referee who holds it up to the crowd before handing both it and the MTV Title over to Max Branning for safe keeping. Once both Cartwrong and Hannah are ready the referee rings the bell to start the match.


Cartwrong runs full speed at Hannah who sidesteps with ease causing Cartwrong to run straight into the turnbuckles. Hannah quickly rolls up Cartwrong from behind.



Cartwrong kicks out to everyone's surprise and so the match continues. Hannah cruelly kicks poor old Cartwrong in the head with a harsh roundhouse kick and goes for another pin.



Cartwrong kicks out again and crawls to the ropes and uses them to drag himself back up to his feet but the second he turns around he walks straight into a Northern Lights Suplex from Hannah who bridges into another pin.



Once again Cartwrong refuses to stay down and kicks out of the pin. He quickly tries for a counter-attack but Hannah very, very easily just holds Cartwrong's head with one hand so all of his punches just miss as he flails his arms about like a human windmill. Once Cartwrong exhausts himself, Hannah knees him in the head. Cartwrong is not fully down though so Hannah follows up by jumping into the air and kicking Cartwrong in the head with the Kick of Destiny before going for another pin.



Barry Banana: This Cartwrong is like superhuman!!

Sanson: That or he is just a glutton for punishment. Hannah is all over him.

Next Hannah knocks Cartwrong down with a double leg takedown and locks in the It's Fate Sharpshooter. Is this the end for Cartwrong? Find out... right now!!

Sanson: The Champion is in complete and utter control now.

Barry Banana: I wish Hannah would lock her legs with mine like that.

The crowd is pumped up and excited, they can't wait for Cartwrong to either tap out, get injured or both. Neither happens though as Cartwrong slowly crawls... crawls... crawls... and reaches the ropes.


Hannah refuses to break the hold though and continues to keep the It's Fate locked in. This leaves the referee no choice but to start a five count.



Come on break the hold!!

The crowd boos loudly as the referee pulls Hannah off of Cartwrong because they'd rather see Cartwrong in pain then be set free, though they are glad that Hannah dug down into a dark place to punish him. Eventually Cartwrong gets back to his feet and is immediately attacked from behind by Hannah who lifts him up in position for the Air Guitar.

Surprisingly however Cartwrong is able to escape from Hannah's grasp and bitch slap her hard in the face. This sets off more boos from the crowd which only get louder as Cartwrong rolls up Hannah for a pin while holding onto the waistband of her hot pants and placing his feet on the ropes.


The referee fails to see all of this, in typical pro wrestling referee fashion, and starts the count.



Hannah kicks out of the dirty pin as the crowd gives a collective sigh of relief.

Sanson: That was close.

Barry Banana: What an underhanded S.O.B!!

Sanson: Easy there fella.

Barry Banana: Only I should get to handle Hannah's hot pants like that.

Sanson: …

Once back up Hannah quickly kicks Cartwrong in the midsection and nails him with a DDT before going for the cover.



Cartwrong still has fight left in him though, how much though we don't know as Hannah springboards off the ropes and lands a Kick of Destiny to Cartwrong's head. Hannah is unable to go for a cover though as Cartwrong, while in pain, rolls over onto the ring apron. He isn't safe though as while he rests his head against the ring ropes, Hannah pulls him back through the ropes until only Cartwrong's feet hang over the ropes. She then nails him with a Hangman's DDT for the victory.

Sanson: Hannah going Viper style.

Barry Banana: I'd like to show Hannah my viper one day.

The referee moves into position to start the count.



Cartwrong is still alive!? Sha-mazing!! But can he do it again as Hannah lifts him up onto his shoulders and slams him down with a powerbomb once... and then twice. Will the Blonde Bombshell finally finish off Cartwrong? The referee is in position for us to find out.



Sanson: How is this guy not dead yet?

Barry Banana: Must be all the world's worst curry he makes and eats for a living.

Hannah doesn't let up on Cartwrong as she lifts him up in her arms, pretends to play him like a guitar and then turns him head down to nail him with an Air Guitar. She then hooks the leg of Cartwrong.




Max Branning: Here is your winner and still the Interpromotional Champion, Hannah Destiny!!

Sanson: Air Guitar for the victory. What a win by the reigning Champ.

Barry Banana: Now lets hope she does a victory strip or asks me back to her hotel room for some victory s...

Sanson: I hope the next word out of your mouth is sandwiches.

Barry Banana: Yeah... “victory sandwiches”... that's so what I was going to say.

Hannah holds her Championship Titles up in the air in victory as the crowd cheers her win and Cartwrong's defeat. So much for not defending the IP Title aye?

Interpromotional Champion aka The Best In The World!!

Hannah "Destiny" Michelle Robson née Evans

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Anyone who complains that an RP is "too long for them to read" is just proving how weak of an RPer they are and that they don't belong here.
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