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Story Time With HD - From The Archives of HD - The HD Heel Turn Part 2 - Good Girl Gone Bad

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Story Time With HD - From The Archives of HD - The HD Heel Turn Part 2 - Good Girl Gone Bad

Post by Hannah "Destiny" Robson on Sat Sep 03, 2016 3:04 pm

Are we having fun tonight? Yes? Good because now it's time for some serious shizzle (did I really just type the word shizzle?) as TMG Announcer Leah Labelle introduces to us a poor lonely woman with a broken heart.

Leah Labelle: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome, The Spicy Lady!!

On cue Spicy makes her way out and down to the ring. By the state of her I'd say she has been crying non-stop the past few days over what happened last Tuesday night. If you don't know what happened last Tuesday then shame on you. That was the Night of Main Events II or in the case of the Spicy - Hannah Destiny - Rob Robson "Love Triangle" the night that Rob revealed to Hannah that Spicy had been keeping from her that Hannah's old friend Gary Guitar was alive after his supposed death at the hands of Blake Lawson. Spicy prevented Gary from meeting with Hannah for many, many weeks and so Rob with his obsession with Hannah showed off all the dirty laundry. (The metaphor not their actual laundry)

This resulted in the slap heard around the world as Hannah slapped her girlfriend and called her a bitch. She then proceeded to slap everyone in sight while in the middle of an emotional meltdown. The worst part was her emotional meltdown landed her in the arms of the husband she didn't want aka Rob Robson and she... well... slept with him... willingly!! Yes I know, what the hell was she thinking!?

But anyway lets see what happens tonight as Spicy in now inside the ring and has been handed a microphone.

Spicy: Okay I'm just going to cut right to the chase. Hannah could you please come out here?

It takes a moment but eventually 'Bombshell Blonde' starts playing and the leather clad vixen known as Hannah Destiny makes her way down to the ring. There is anger and hatred in her eyes as she gives Spicy cold, hard stares. Surprisingly Hannah is without her many championships like she usually is. I guess it's because this isn't a time for showing off.

Spicy immediately tries to hug Hannah or at least shake her hand but Hannah keeps her distance from Spicy. With a sad look on her face Spicy just decides to get down to business already.

Spicy: Hannah I know you must be feeling a little upset right now and I can understand that. I lied to you, I am the love of your life and yet I lied to you, I lied straight to your face for weeks on end. Gary was your friend, your teenage crush and idol growing up and yet I lied to you about him coming back from the dead. I kept it a secret from you and I'm... I'm sorry.

A few tears falls from Spicy's eyes while the same angry look can been seen on Hannah.

Spicy: But if you'd just let me explain I'm sure you'd understand why I did what I did. I did it to protect you. I lied to you in order to protect you. You were so upset and traumatised after Gary died, you were an emotional and mental wreck and so I lied about Gary to protect you emotionally and mentally. I didn't want you to have some sort of mental breakdown after finding out one of your best friends had faked their own death.

I'm sorry Hannah, I'm sorry. But in a way I'm sure you can see I was right. After finding out the truth you broke down, you hurt people, hurt me, you... slept with Rob.


Spicy: But to work this out, to get us back on the same page, to fi what is broken I am willing to forgive you for the slap, I am willing to forgive you for that mistaken rebound [CENSORED] you had with Rob if you are willing to forgive me for lying to you.

With tears in her eyes Spicy gives Hannah the old puppy dog eye look but it doesn't seem to working on Hannah who is still staring daggers at Spicy.

HD: You forgive me? You forgive me!? Who the hell said I wanted or needed your forgiveness!!

Spicy: Hannah I...

HD: You lied to me!! You knew Gary was alive for weeks and you lied straight to my face about!! Were you ever going to tell me or were you just going to keep it a secret forever?

Spicy: Yes I was going to tell you eventually.

HD: Eventually!? Why not just out right tell me the second you found out!? Oh wait it's because I'm crazy isn't it!?

Spicy: No I never said you were crazy.

HD: You said you thought I was going to have a mental breakdown if I found out!!

Spicy: Yeah but...

HD: That what I did last week was me having a mental breakdown!!

Spicy: Yes Hannah but...

HD: So you think I'm crazy don't you Spicy!! That I need protection!! That I need to be protected from myself!!

Spicy: No...

HD: That I can't function without the divine help of Spicy because she knows all!! That's why you thought you could control little Miss Crazy over here!!

Spicy: I wasn't trying to control...

HD: You know I used to call you the love of my life but personally I don't even recognise the bitch standing in front of me right now!!

Spicy: Hannah please just...

HD: Just what!? Be a good little girl and follow the life choices you have handpicked for me today?

Spicy: No that's not what I meant...

HD: Or how about listen to all these people or should I say sheeple!! These sheeple say they love me, they say the support me, they cheer for me and yet did any one of them tell me about your lies!? No because they're all just a bunch of conniving backstabbers just like you!!


HD: They all mock Rob, you Spicy mock Rob as well but at least he had the guts to man up and tell me the truth like I deserve!! He was the only one who cared about me, who loved me enough to tell me the truth!!

Spicy: What Rob feels isn't love.

HD: It's more love then you've shown me!! You made me team with Blake the man who took Gary from me just because he knocked you up like some cheap [CENSORED] and made you his baby momma!! How do you think that made me feel huh!? Having to team with that low life who ripped Gary away from me!! Then being made by you to raise that [CENSORED] son!!

Spicy: But you love that baby, you've held him in your arms.

HD: Yeah and I all I saw in his little face were the sins of his dirt bag of a father!! The father who I hate with all my heart!! The same way that I hate you!!

The tears start flowing even more now as Spicy can't believe what she is hearing right now.

Spicy: Please Hannah can't we just go back home, raise our son together, yes our son, in peace? Can't we just remember all the good times we've shared together? We're stronger than this little squabble. We're better than this Hannah.

HD: No... we're not better than this... I'm better than you!!

BAM!! Spicy is sent reeling and knocked to the floor as Hannah slaps her hard with as much hatred as she can muster.

HD: And I don't need you in my life anymore!!

She then looks around at the many fans in attendance.

HD: And I don't need you two faced losers either!!


Leaving a crying and tear stained Spicy on the mat holding a hand to her slapped cheek, Hannah exits the ring and makes her way up the ramp where standing at the top is none other then her "unwanted" husband Rob Robson who has all three of Hannah's championships with him.

Once face to face with him Hannah smiles for the first time since coming out here and leaps into his arms where she wraps her legs around his waist. They then start to kiss and tongue each other as the crowd shows what they think of all of this.


The two couldn't give a damn as they continue to make out. Eventually Rob moves down to kiss and nibble at Hannah's neck as she turns to give a cruel, evil smile at the sad and upset Spicy. Once done with their public display of affection for each other, Hannah holds up her TNT Maximum Impact Championship and her Interpromotional Championship while Rob stands behind her and holds up her TMG Tag Cup while the fans continue to boo the now united Mr and Mrs Robson.

Interpromotional Champion aka The Best In The World!!

Hannah "Destiny" Michelle Robson née Evans

2 x Gimmick of the Season
2 x Best Storyline of the Season
4 x Match of the Season
2 x wXw Wrestler of the Season
1 x OMG Moment of the Season
2 x Funniest RP of the season
3 x Best RP of the Season
2 x Guest of the Season

Anyone who complains that an RP is "too long for them to read" is just proving how weak of an RPer they are and that they don't belong here.
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