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Queen of Spades  Empty Queen of Spades

Post by korina on Sun Mar 31, 2019 4:58 am

name: Queen of Spades

Age: 22

Representing: Wonderland

Resides: In any city where the money is good and there are people to kill

Height: 5'5

Weight: none of your buisness

Build: Speed

Alignment: Heel

Trademark: double undertook ddt named the black spot

Trademark: pull back knee to the midsection named gut shot

Finisher 1: Death note -  springboard 350

Song:  Queen of Spades by Styx

Bio: Somewhere in the underbelly of a big city you will find a group similar to the mafia. These group of men and women call themselves wonderland there are four top women that head this thieving mob known as the Queens. Each group holds a different band known as the spades, the diamonds, the clubs, and the hearts.

One group known as the spades is the most merciless and bloodthirsty group. They kill for money. Queen of Spades prides herself on keeping her cool in every capacity and has desensitized herself to death and other aspects through years of training and experiences. But nothing could have prepared her for hearts. She picked at her relentlessly wearing her down till she started to crack. Spades started taking down all the weakest wrestlers in the shadows by any means necessary almost blowing up David “the mountain man” but unknowingly he escaped. But after failing in her debut match “to her gma satisfaction” she was put at the bottom of the roster and refused matches week after week. Finally she demanded to be placed in queen of hearts match against another opponent for a triple threat match. After that they continuously bumped heads until they both targeted Leo McClananahan and teamed up to complete their common goal. Now although spades is unsure of the stability of their relationship she is ready to put WXW on notice.

Beware WXW, Wonderland is coming.


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