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The Smith Syndicate

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The Smith Syndicate Empty The Smith Syndicate

Post by Steven "The Wonder Boy" on Wed Jun 26, 2019 9:30 pm

The Smith Syndicate


Anthony Smith
Benjamin Smith
Amber Smith

Hometown: Boise, Idaho


Anthony - 22
Benjamin - 22
Amber - 19


Anthony - 6'5
Benjamin - 6'6
Amber - 5'7


Anthony - Emerald Flowsion
Benjamin - Full Nelson Bomb
Amber - Cradle DDT

A quick bio/info:

A team consisting of identical twin blonde haired brothers (they got different hairstyles shortly after highschool) and their younger red haired sister. Anthony as the oldest is the unofficial leader and the more level headed of his siblings. Benjamin is more quick to anger and using his fists over his words, you could even consider him slightly unstable. Amber as the "baby" of the family and the only girl is a slightly spoilt princess whose world doesn't expand farther than a foot in front of herself. She is quite often overprotected by her older brothers.
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