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Queen of Hearts  Empty Queen of Hearts

Post by korina on Sun Mar 31, 2019 5:55 am

Ring name: Queen of Hearts

Age: of Consent

Representing: Wonderland

Resides: In Sin City, inspiring grown-ups to play

Height: 5'7" - 6'1', depending on the heels

Weight: 36-24-36

Build: Balance (a little bit of everything)

Alignment: Heel

Trademark: Spreads the opponents legs and distracts the referee
and then drops quickly headbutting the groin with a Jewel Crusher

Finisher: Full Facial - Queen of Hearts grabs the opponent by the head
and jumps in the air and smashes the opponents face into the mat executing

Song: Dirty by Christina Aguilera

Bio: Somewhere in the underbelly of a big city you will find a group similar to the mafia. These group of men and women call themselves wonderland there are four top women that head this thieving mob known as the Queens. Each group holds a different band known as the spades, the diamonds, the clubs, and the hearts.

The most manipulative and profitable group, The Hearts head the market in the adult film industry. They are also heading several gentlemen clubs and are all courtesan. The Queen of Hearts heads the operation. With extensive background in gymnastics, yoga, and martial arts experience, she is not only a manipulative mastermind but a powerful and deadly weapon in and out of her "office".

She is a threat to everyone emotionally as well as physically. She is here at WXW for profit, glory, and maybe to inspire some of the boys to play. Not much else is known about her but if you see her don't be fooled by her hot attire: her heart is as cold as ice.

Hearts first arrived on the scene of OCW. She made a big impression on all the men in the lockeroom. She targeted several men with her “unique” set of skills for information or to throw them off their game. However; Upon hearing Spades was in the building she set her sights on her. She continuously “poked the bear” to get a response. She had several “three ways” (triple threats) with spades until near the last triple threat match they teamed up to take on Leo McClannahan for his gold rush championship. They have now become a unique team. Though their relationship still appears shaky they have a United goal to put WXW on notice.

Beware WXW, Wonderland is coming

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