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Queen of Diamonds  Empty Queen of Diamonds

Post by korina on Sun Mar 31, 2019 6:31 am

Queen of Diamonds  View;_ylt=AwrJ4NaCv59c_tMARY6InIlQ;_ylu=X3oDMTI0Y21oZ2Y1BHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1nBG9pZAM5ZjI1NWM0MjM3ODRlNzg5ZjVhZTQ4YzRlZjBiMzc4MARncG9zAzMzMgRpdANiaW5n?

Name Queen of Diamonds

Nickname: Diana Price

Age: unknown

Representing: Wonderland

Resides: In any city where there is lots of money and something shiny to steal

Height: 6’

Weight: none of your buisness

Build: Technician

Alignment: Heel

Trademark: neckbreaker called  the diamond necklace

Finisher 1: Queen of Diamonds grabs the opponents left wrist with her right hand and pulls the arm back until the wrist is behind the right ear. Then wraps her left arm underneath the opponents arm and around the neck and grabs her own wrist and tightens executing -The Extortion  

Song:  Seven Rings by Ariana Grande

Bio: Somewhere in the underbelly of a big city you will find a group similar to the mafia. These group of men and women call themselves wonderland there are four top women that head this thieving mob known as the Queens. Each group holds a different band known as the spades, the diamonds, the clubs, and the hearts.

One of these are the Diamonds run by the Queen of Diamonds. These are the most money and power hungry of all the queens priding themselves in what would be considered white collar crimes and rubbing elbows with all the rich and powerful in the city. They money launder, steal by all means, make counterfeit products (money, art exc.) and otherwise do anything to gain what they like most. Though she may shine on the outside she has a black heart.

She was an assistant for the general manager for OCW under the name of Diana Price and used her power to manipulate the show or wrestlers for her own gain. There are rumors (though claimed misplaced) that she was siphoning funds from the company but it was never proven. She is now here at WXW not for an assistant position but as a wrestler to go after her other love something shiny like wrestling gold.

Beware WXW, Wonderland is coming.

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