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The Reapers of Gehenna

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The Reapers of Gehenna

Post by Dark Crusader on Mon Aug 14, 2017 3:30 am

Dark Crusader

The Reapers of Gehenna

Debut: August 2017


Lights go off as church bell can be heard ringing, starting off slowly and picking up pace until the sound starts slowly fading away followed by sounds of steps, slamming, breaking and crowd rioting, as the titantron start showing a distorted picture. After few seconds of the incoherent mixture the overall sound tunes down as slow footsteps can be heard from two people. The footsteps starts getting louder as Inside the Fire (Eir Remix) by Disturbed can heard with an eruption of both cheers and boos. Spotlight focuses on two spots just below the entrance ramp as the smoke covers up the whole area. After a few seconds Dark Crusader and Lasombrian emerge from the smoke, seemingly pulling it towards them, into the spotlight as they slowly walk and converge towards the entrance runway. The titantron picture clears up to show a big “The Reapers of Gehenna” sign written in a gothic font. They both start walking towards the ring with the frequent light cutoffs that get longer the closer they are to it. Right before they are about to get in the light cuts off with smoke starting to fill in the arena. After few seconds the lights go on and the smoke starts to clear revealing Dark Crusader in the middle of the ring with his arms crossed, and Lasombrian standing right in front of him with his sadistic smile and arms half spread out.

Music: Disturbed - Inside The Fire (Remix)


In Wrestling:

Lasombrian Finishers:
The Final Nights (Snap Falling Full Nelson Slam)
Gehenna Lock (Stranglehold Gamma)

Dark Crusader's Finishers:
Dark Bomb (Powerbomb)
Dark Neutralizer (Fireman slam)
Dark Nelson (Full Nelson)

Lasombrian's Signatures:
Crimson Pact (Running knee strike into a neckbreaker)
Super Snap DDT
Sky Twister Press

Dark Crusader's Signatures:
Dark Press (Military Press)
Darkness Drop (Banzai Drop)
Down to the Darkness (Sit Down Powerbomb)

Double Team Finishers:
Darkest Nights - Lasombrian picks up the opponent in the full nelson , lifts him up on Dark Crusaders shoulders, and they slam him on the mat

Snap Neutralizer - Dark Crusader lifts the opponent on his shoulders in a fireman carry and Lasombrian hooks his arms around the opponents neck and they slam him into the mat face first.

Double Team Signatures:
Side Slam (Dark Crusader) / Leg drop (Lasombrian)
Back Body Drop (Lasombrian) / Powerslam (Dark Crusader)
Dark Crusader

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