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The Army of Two

Post by SuperB on Thu Nov 24, 2016 8:19 am

Name: The Army of Two

Members: SuperB and Andrew Stirling

Theme: The Afghan Whigs - Gentlemen

Entrance: "Gentlemen" by The Afghan Whigs starts playing, as SuperB and Andrew get to the entrance. SuperB goes to the left side of the crowd and rips off his suit and revealing his wrestling attire, as Andrew goes to the right side, with the violin case on his left shoulder and raising his right arm up with a clutched fist. As soon as the crowd starts cheering loud, SuperB and Andrew rush at the middle of the entrance and grab each other with their right arm on their partners forearm and stare at each other, as they shout "Lets do this". They then shove away each other's arms and return toward the ring and walk that way. They enter the ring sliding under the bottom rope and get to the middle of the ring. SuperB fist bumps Andrew with the side of his right hand as Andrew uses his left hand and then they both raise their arm up with their fist clutched, as on the turnbuckle four explosions are set off one after the other.


Friendship Bonder - X tags Y on the match, as they both go to they laying opponent in each side of his arms. X and Y stares at eachother as they both jump up from a standing position and extend their legs out, connecting with a double Leg Drop on the head and body of the opponent.

Deep cut - X tags Y in the match, as Y climbs the turnbuckle and X lifts the opponent on their feet. X jumps from behind the opponent and drives his knees on the opponents back with a Backstabber and keeps his opponent on his knees, as Y jumps forward and hits body first on the opponents body with a Splash and drives him deeper toward X's knees.

Back and Forth - X tags Y in, as their opponent slowly gets up on their feet. X stands behind the opponent and Y rushes toward the ropes forward the opponent. Y bounces off the ropes and X rushes toward the opponent, as X drops down and hits a Clothesline to the back of the opponents leg, while Y extends his arm and hits a Clothesline on the opponent, making him fall hard backwards.

A/B combination - Andrew grabs his opponent from behind in a belly to back position and lifts him up and slams him down face first with a Belly to Back Facebuster. SuperB rushes toward the ropes and bounces off them, as he runs towards Andrew, while Andrew deadlifts their opponent into a german suplex position. As SuperB gets close, he lifts his boot up and connects with a Big Boot on the face of the opponent and boost Andrew to fall backwards with a wicked German Suplex, as Andrew holds the bridge for a cover.

Sidenote: Prefered while Andrew is tagged. It can keep the bridge more easy.

Triumphal Symphony - Andrew sits the opponent on his own shoulder and lifts him up in an electric chair position, as SuperB gets on the ring's apron. Andrew gets close to SuperB, as SuperB grabs the top rope and jumps on it, boosting himself forward and hitting the opponent in midair with a Spear, as Andrew falls backwards from SuperB's boost and connects with an Electric Chair Drop.

Side note: If B is on tag, make him hold the pin from the spear. If its Andrew make him do a bridge.

Finisher in case of tornado tag or no rules:

Double Trouble - Andrew turns his opponent on his stomach and sits on his back, pulling the opponents arm backwards with an Inverted Armbar, as SuperB grabs the leg of the opponent and twists his ankle in an Ankle Lock, while locking the whole leg of his opponent with his own and falls on his back.

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