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Damage Inc.

Post by Jay Thorn on Thu May 11, 2017 4:58 pm

Name: Damage Incorporated

Members: Jay Thorn, "Pitbull" Joel Thorn & Toxxic

Theme: The Pretty Reckless - Going to Hell


The lights in the arena dim as "Going to Hell" by The Pretty Reckless starts playing, followed by strobes starting to go off on the stage. Moments after, Toxxic is seen coming onto the stage, looking out to the sea of fans with a small smile before pointing to the curtain, Jay Thorn and Pitbull bursting through to the stage. Both are dressed in their wrestling gear with Pitbull having a leather jacket with a studded rim as Jay Thorn has a hooded leather jacket with the hood over his head.

Toxxic looks to both men and then leads them to ringside, where they lift her onto the apron and then climb into the ring themselves and go to stand on adjacent turnbuckles with Toxxic between them. Pitbull mimics clawing across his face before raising a fist into the air while Jay throws his hood back and spits a cloud of red mist into the air, spreading his arms like wings as he does.


Last Rites - (Stereo Superkick to a kneeling opponent) X tags in Y, both men circling the downed Z for a moment before standing in front of him, waiting for him to look up. As Z gets to his knees, X and Y shoot forth a leg simultaneously, both viciously kicking Z under the jaw executing Last Rites

Headhunting - (Roundhouse Kick/Brainbuster combo) Pitbull hooks X by the head in a suplex position as Jay Thorn watches on and Pitbull lifts X upside down in the air. Jay Thorn loads up and shoots his leg across, kicking X to the side of the head as Pitbull falls back, driving X to the mat head first executing a Headhunting!!

Call of the Wild - (Backstabber/Double Stomp combo) Pitbull grabs X's shoulders from behind and jumps up, placing both knees on their back and pulling them down onto the knees, jacking the knees into X's back and holding them on top of his knees. Jay Thorn spring up and off the top rope, pulling both feet into his chest before coming down and stomping both feet into X's chest executing the Call of the Wild

Super Smash Bros. - (Romero Special (surfboard)/Sliding Knee combo) Pitbull hooks X's feet in front of his own shins, stepping on the back of the opponent's knees before grabbing X's hands and pulling them back, leaning back to sit down and pull X up into a kneeling position with their arms pulled back as Jay Thorn runs off the ropes for extra momentum and throws his entire weight into a flying knee, driving the point of the knee into X's jaw executing the Super Smash Bros

Hammer of the Gods - (Pop-Up Jumping Knee) Pitbull waits for X to run off the ropes as Jay Thorn comes up next to Pitbull, who catches X coming in, pushing him off the mat and into the air. Jay Thorn measures X as they get launched into the air and as they begin falling, Jay Thorn jumps up and catches them coming down with the point of the knee to the jaw performing the Hammer of the Gods

(Probably to be added to....)

Ragnarok - (Powerbomb/Diving Double Stomp combo) Pitbull doubles X over and lifts him up into a powerbomb position as Jay Thorn climbs to the top rope. As Jay Thorn jumps off the top rope, Pitbull slams X down with Jay Thorn leaping over Pitbull and driving both feet down into X's chest as he gets slammed back first into the canvas executing a Ragnarok!!!
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