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The New Brotherhood

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The New Brotherhood

Post by shadowinger on Sun May 07, 2017 2:30 pm

Entrance Music

Original Song - The Uprising


Original Song - The Uprising [Metal, Djent, Melodeath, Metalcore] burst from the speakers and the sound of people screaming echo through the arena. The lights shut off and at the entrance, a pair of headlights can be seen. The headlights move forward slowly down the ramp, suddenly the lights come on revealing the New Brotherhood members standing in front of a black SUV with their left arm across their body holding their right shoulder the members then all repeat simultaneously 'We are the Brotherhood, We Seek, We Find, We Destroy'.

Stable Type


Masked Man
Drake Shepard
Leader (Unknown)


Trademarks: Torchwood Powerbomb
Hell's of Fire Chokeslam
Doomsday Device Clothesline

Finishers: Fatal End (Submission)
Vortex Slam (Direct Damage)
Dark Cloud Piledriver (Direct Damage)

Drake Shepard

Signature Moves:
The Cheat Code: Belly To Back Suplex
Circuit Breaker: Ankle Lock
Game Over: Leg Drop Bulldog

Finishing Moves:
System Shock: Blue Thunder Piledriver - Drake Shepard slips behind (opponent), putting his head under their armpit
He then lifts them up in the air, turning them around and driving them head-first into the mat executing (damage) System Shock!

Common Spots:
The Sleeper Slam - Drake Shepard lunges at (opponent) jumping as he does
He then wraps his arms around their neck and swings behind (opponent) slamming them down executing (damage) Sleeper Slam
Axe Stomp - Drake Shepard raises his foot above his head
And brings it down on (opponent's) face/neck/kneecap/ankle/elbow executing (damage) Axe Stomp!
Ring Post Figure Four - Drake Shepard crosses (opponent's) legs around the ring post, forming a four
He then locks (opponent's) legs with his own, levering them against the ring post and locking a (damage) Ring Post Figure Four


-Ultimate TKO
-TK TTF (Thunderous Knee to the Face)
-Ultimate TK TTF

Signature Moves
-TK Drop

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Re: The New Brotherhood

Post by SM HeartBreaker on Sun May 07, 2017 4:26 pm

Sweet as guys....sweet as

I love a good stable Smile

HD Edit: You're sweet like chocolate boy

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