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Insanarchy (tag team) Bio

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Insanarchy (tag team) Bio

Post by madnus on Thu Nov 24, 2016 9:55 pm

Insanarchy (tag team)
The collaboration of Anarchy and madnus, a tag team founded on mutual respect and common purpose. Insanarchy came to be when the pair, at the time bitter enemies had their epic showdown at Final Crisis II. The brutal battle took its tole on both combatants and although neither came away with a victory, they both came away with a new found respect for the other and a comrade, a partner, a brother. Insanarchy was born.


Entrance Music
Blues Saraceno – Dogs of War

The arena lights all shut off accompanied by the sound of a heavy switch being flipped and then slowly, dim, black light begins to fill the arena and Blues Saraceno by Dogs of War kicks in. A wall of flames rises around the stage area and around the ring and an ambulance backs out of the entrance curtain. The back doors pop open and out come two stretchers ridden by Anarchy and madnus dressed in tattered, bloody straitjackets, rolling down to the ring. The stretchers crash into the ring sending madnus and Anarchy rolling into the ring, they climb opposite corners of the ring facing each other and slowly raising their hands. Anarchy and madnus drop their hands and explosions from the stage area and ringside shake the arena and the flames are extinguished and the arena lights come back on showing Anarchy and madnus standing in the centre of the ring brandishing sledgehammers.

Tag-Team Finisher
The Double Lobotomy - a stunner into a spike pile-driver

Tag-Team Signatures
Insanarchistic Tendancies - A vertical suplex and corner rebound crossbody combination
Straightjacket Splash - a restrained running splash in the corner
Fear Itself - A variation of the Doomsday Device


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