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Diamond Destiny aka Double D

Post by Hannah "Destiny" Robson on Wed Sep 07, 2016 6:30 pm

 Diamond Sky
 Hannah Destiny-Robson

 Rob Robson

 Diamond Destiny
 Double D

Debut: May 2015

Entrance: Little Mix - Salute

"Salute" by Little Mix blares out through the speakers as Diamond SKy and Hannah Destiny-Robson make their way out onto the entrance stage. Diamond Sky is wearing her glittery black leather ''mini'' mini skirt with pleats, not leaving much to the imagination and matching glittery black leather halternect bralet with an interlocking DD in aluminous pink around the neck. Hannah Destiny-Robson is wearing her leather thigh high boots, leather hot pants and leather corset as usual. Both are wearing their respective leather studded black jackets with their names in diamonds along the back.

The duo walks down the ramp and climb up onto apron where they bend over at the waist to enter the ring, their lips just a hair's width from touching. Unfortunately all the males get are a mean laugh and a "Talk to the Hand" from SKy as Hannah orders the cameraman to focus on her ass which she teasingly shakes in his direction. They both then step into the ring and climb the turnbuckles, with both girls raising their arms high above their heads.


In Wrestling:

Sky's Finishers:
 Diamond Spike (Double Knee Backbreaker)
 Diamond Shatterer (Bicycle Kick)

HD's Finishers:
 Kick of Destiny (Somersault Kick)
 It's Fate (Sharpshooter)

Sky's Signatures:
 Pele Kick
 Sleeping Beauty (Dragon Sleeper)

HD's Signatures:
 Fist Lock of Cuteness
 Blonde Bombshell (Double Powerbomb)
 Air Guitar (Omega Driver)

Double Team Finishers:

Makeover (Diamond Shatterer (Sky) / Kick of Destiny (HD) combination)
Blonde Ambition (Diamond Spike (Sky) / Blonde Bombshell (HD) combination)

Double Team Signatures:

Sleeping Cutie (Sleeping Beauty (Sky) / Fist Lock of Cuteness (HD) combination)

Interpromotional Champion aka The Best In The World!!

Hannah "Destiny" Michelle Robson née Evans

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Anyone who complains that an RP is "too long for them to read" is just proving how weak of an RPer they are and that they don't belong here.
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