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Another HD Classic

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Another HD Classic

Post by Hannah "Destiny" Robson on Wed Aug 31, 2016 12:50 pm

It's all nice and quiet backstage... for the moment. Using this time to her advantage, Hannah Destiny prepares for her upcoming Tag Cup Match vs. Evilution by taking selfies of herself while dressed in only her underwear. Okay maybe scrap the advantage thing but still who can argue with getting a look at Hannah dressed like this? Certainly not Rob Robson who is lurking in the shadows... Wait what!?

Yes indeed Mr Rob Robson himself is hiding in a corner of Hannah's locker room, completely undetected by the young IP Champ and Maximum Impact Champ. By the look of his eyes he is clearly getting excited as he stare at the thong covered butt of his wife. Well he better enjoy it while he can because if Hannah catches him then it's going to be hell on earth for him.

Or at least it would be if it wasn't for the fact that he is carrying a knife, the same knife I believe that he used to threaten poor Spicy with. What on earth can this psycho be thinking? Is he planning to kill Hannah in some love crazed murder-suicide? Or is he planning to torture her in some form of over the top sadomasochism?

Well we'll find out our answer as Rob slowly sneaks up on Hannah. Things are going Rob's way as Hannah has her headphones in and so is completely unable to hear Rob behind her until it is too late and Rob has his arm around her waist and his knife to her throat.

Rob: Hello my sweet.

Hannah immediately struggles and tries to break free from Rob's grasp.

Rob: Now, now dear calm down.

HD: Get off of me you freak!!

Rob: I could do that... but I could also just as easily cut your pretty little neck.

Rob gets his point across by digging the tip of his knife ever so slightly into Hannah's neck.

HD: What do you want?

Rob: What do I want? I want what is mine. I want my wife. That is you Mrs Hannah Robson. You are my wife. We are married. Thus you belong with me.

HD: Yeah right.

Rob: Oh but I am right. But you insist on playing games with me. Well how about we play a new game? It's a simple game really Hanny. You are going to say and do everything I tell you. Understand?

HD: Why?

Rob: Well because if you don't then I'm going to become a widower and I'd hate to think about living the rest of my life without you. Now repeat after me, "I love you Rob".

HD: Never!!

The tip of the blade is once again pressed into Hannah's neck.

Rob: Hanny remember the rules of the game. Now repeat after me, "I love you Rob".

HD: I... I love you Rob.

Rob: Good girl. I knew you were a smart girl. Now if you love me then why don't you show it with a little kiss?

HD: Why would I ever kiss you?

Another light jab in her neck silences Hannah who quickly kisses Rob on the check as best as she can from her current position.

Rob: That's not what I meant Hanny. Now do it properly!!

Rob turns Hannah around while still keeping his knife at her neck. Hannah leans into Rob and kisses him with as much passion as she can muster without wanting to throw up. Once Rob has had his fill he quickly turns Hannah around again and holds her tightly.

Rob: Good girl Hanny. Now say "I think Spicy is ugly".

HD: I... I think Spicy is... is ugly.

Rob: Say "I don't really love her".

HD: I don't... I don't... I don't really love her.

Rob: Say "I love Rob and not Spicy".

HD: I love Rob and... and not Spicy.

Rob: That's a good girl Hanny.

Hannah cringes as Rob deeply inhales as he sniffs her long blonde hair.

Rob: Say "Rob is my husband and I love him dearly".

HD: Rob is my husband and I love him dearly.

Rob: Now say "I wish I could go live with my husband Rob instead of that fat cow Spicy".

HD: I wish... I could... go live with my husband Rob instead... of that fat cow Spicy.

Rob: Now say "I promise to be a good wife and always obey my husband Rob".

HD: I promise to be a good wife and... always obey my husband Rob.

Rob is on cloud nine as he hears these words of affection from Hannah. He doesn't care that they are all forced out via knife point, all that matters to him is that they have been said.

Rob: Say "I wish to some day have children with my handsome husband".

HD: I wish to some day have children with... my handsome husband.

Rob: Say "I wish we could try to have some right now".

HD: I wish we could try to have some right now.

Rob: Oh Hanny you naughty little minx you. So wild and crazy. Unfortunately you'll have to wait for a treat like that, but for now...

The sleaze bag reaches down with his free hand and squeezes Hannah's butt cheek.

Rob: Ooh so soft just like how I remember from our night in Vegas.

HD: Please stop.

Rob: Shh not until I'm finished.

Rob really gets excited from copping a feel on Hannah. His nasty hand then slides up her body, across her abs to her chest.

Rob: I remember these from our night in Vegas as well. Do you remember that night Hanny?

HD: No.

Rob: Oh if you only you could, it was such a magical evening. Not Disneyland magical but definitely 50 Shades magical. But in the future we'll have lots of time together to recreate that moment we shared. Wouldn't you just like that?

HD: Yes?

Rob: Good girl Hanny. That's what I like to hear.

At that moment Rob pushes Hannah away where she trips over her bag and falls to her knees.

Rob: Oh I'm sorry my dear, I hope I didn't hurt you. But then again you like pain don't you Hanny? Both giving and receiving. Plus I'm sure a girl like you is used to being on her knees in front of a guy.

HD: Go die in an alley somewhere!!

In a flash Rob is on top of Hannah with his knife back at her throat again.

Rob: Behave Hanny or next time we meet I'm going to have to bring your friend Mr. Knifey along as well. Now until we meet again...

Hannah turns her face to the side but Rob roughly urns it back to face him so that he may plant a sloppy wet kiss on her lips. If it wasn't for the knife then Hannah would be kicking his ass right now but alas she can do nothing but lie there until Rob is finished and climbs off of her.

Rob: Ah it's always a treat to taste your lips Hanny.

HD: Bite me!!

Rob: Oooh kinky. But we'll have to save that for next time I'm afraid. After all you have a big match coming up and I'd hate for you to be upset that you didn't win because I distracted you and I'd hate myself for causing you to be distracted.

For his troubles Rob gets spat in the face by Hannah. Calmly though Rob wipes his eyes and flicks his fingers to get rid of the spit.

Rob: A simple "thank you, I love you too" would have been good enough. But anyway that's enough for now because like they always say "treat them mean, keep them keen". Bye... what's that thing you say? Cutie pie? Bye cutie pie.

Rob blows a kiss in a mocking fashion at Hannah before exiting the locker room. Hannah quickly crawls along the floor and slams the door shut, before leaning against it and trying to get her breathing under control.

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Anyone who complains that an RP is "too long for them to read" is just proving how weak of an RPer they are and that they don't belong here.
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