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HD Classics (for those who asked)

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HD Classics (for those who asked)

Post by Hannah "Destiny" Robson on Mon Aug 29, 2016 6:26 pm

In the confines of the backstage area we find the sharply dressed Addison Schaefer next to the always sexy in tight leather Hannah Destiny who is super excited as always.

Addison: Hello again Hannah. Another great week again for you it seems, you took another victory in the scramble last week although this time you had unwanted assistance.

Hannah: Yes I was like so upset that Ronnie Q ruined my match with Robbie but Stevie says it's what happens in this business and that there are like things beyond your control such as this all you can really do is just work with how things went so I'm like looking past my match with Robbie and focusing on my match with Ronnie Q though I'm not sure I can.

Addison: And why not?

Hannah: I can't stop thinking about Evilution's visit and getting to see Gary again he's like even hotter then the last time I saw him plus I have his hat I have Gary Guitar's hat Oh My God this is like so cool this is so awesome!!

Addison: Yeah you certainly do love the guy don't you?

Hannah: Of course I'm like his biggest fan EVER and I know he adores me too he gets me like sooo excited and I know I excite him too we are like sooo great together.

Addison: I can definitely see and feel your excitement.

Hannah: Yeah but surprisingly Gary isn't the only reason I'm excited I can't stop thinking about Spicy she is so hot and she said she loves my leather clothes plus the way she looked at me is like wow that lady is like sooo awesome and sexy.

Addison: O... K...

Hannah: I haven't felt like this since I first met Gary face to face I have this thing inside of me that feels like if I don't let my feelings out I'm going to explode oh what am I going to do...

Suddenly a lightbulb goes off inside Hannah's head as she looks at Addison with a seductive look and trails her index finger up Addison's blouse, her chest and her neck before stopping at her chin.

Hannah: Did I ever tell you how I think women in suits are like kinda hot?

Addison: Err... yes...?

Hannah: I meant it now tell me if you think Spicy would like this.

Back in the ringside area there are various cat calls and wolf whistles as backstage Hannah presses her lips against Addison's and gives her a long drawn out kiss. Her tongue explores Addison's mouth as Addison just stands there stunned, unsure of what to make of all this as Hannah's lips cover hers. After a while Hannah breaks off the kiss and displays a mischievous smile across her face as Addison still stands frozen in shock.

Hannah: So what do you think?

Addison: ...... ...... ......

Hannah: Well I don't know about you but I feel like a great weight has been lifted I feel like I can so focus on Ronnie Q and winning I'm going to be the undefeated winner of Pool D well bye bye girlfriend.

Hannah gives Addison a playful pat on the butt before skipping away to her match as Addison still stands frozen in shock.


Due to both EST and Evilution replacing her, Jenny Jeffries is short on cool people to interview. As she stalks the corridors of Wembley Arena for her next interview, she gets the fright of her life as one of the Queens of CEW: Ascension, Hannah Destiny skips up behind her and playfully pats her on the butt.


Hannah: Hey JJ my girl.

Jenny: Oh it's just you Hannah... (deep breathing) ... What are you doing here? Ascension was last night remember?

Hannah: Of course I do silly I like met some of the coolest people in the world in Evilution got to meet up with the rapping rockstar genius Gary Gary again AND got to meet the drop dead gorgeous hot and sexy Spicy did you see?

Jenny: Yes I saw Ascension. It's always great to see talent like you perform.

Hannah: No silly I mean did you like see the connection me and Spicy had it was so amazing that I like so had to express my feelings.

Jenny: Oh you mean the... well... it is 2013...

Hannah: You know Jenny you look even cuter when you're nervous.

Hannah presses her body against Jenny's and trails her finger up Jenny's body and neck until it's on Jenny's lips.

Jenny: Huh?

Hannah: I expressed myself with Addison but I'm like still not convinced I'm Spicy level and seeing as you're not like with Ragnarok anymore...

Jenny: Err...

Hannah: Shh... just tell me if you think she'd like this.

With her back against the wall (literally) and with Hannah's body pressing against her, Jenny is going nowhere as Hannah removes her finger from Jenny's lips and replaces them with her own for a long sensational kiss. Jenny is resistant at first but as soon as Hannah's tongue slips into her mouth, her own moves into Hannah's as they start to play a passionate game of tonsil hockey together. After a while Hannah breaks off the kiss but not before giving Jenny's lips a light lick with her tongue.

Jenny: Oh my god I can't believe I just did that!!

Hannah: Why a guy like Ragnarok would break up with a sweet ass girl like you is beyond me.

Jenny: Umm...

Hannah: Aww there's that nervousness that makes you so cute but don't be you were great as I hope I was for you so do you think Spicy would love something like that?

Jenny: Well... I... Well...

Hannah: You don't have to answer JJ just savour the taste... I know I will bye bye girlfriend.

Another playful pat on the butt and Hannah skips away leaving Jenny as confused as Addison was on Friday.


The crowd is excited for the next match as it'll feature Evilution's Hawk the supposedly "Best in the World." The residents of Hawksville wolf whistle as the Queen of Hawksville, Lucy Gray gets up from her seat at ringside but she stops dead in her tracks as one of the Queens of Ascension, Hannah Destiny skips her way down to ringside. Her theme 'I Love Rock 'N' Roll' is still going on as she skips circles around Lucy before slowly taking the microphone out of her hand.

Hannah: Hi-ya Lucy Baby I like know you're working hard and that your boyfriend is like up next and that I'm like cutting into his time and what not but you see I've been working hard too on Friday I met one of the hottest girls in the world in Spicy and so to practice being good enough I "worked" with Addison and then yesterday on Saturday I continued my practice by "working" with Jenny but you know I figured why stop there isn't 3 the magic number like the kind of magic I'm feeling right now?

Hannah runs her hand up and down Lucy's arm. Lucy tries to take a step back but ends up backing up into the announce table.

Hannah: Ooooh a table... even better...

With a single light push, Hannah causes Lucy to fall backwards across the announce table. Before she can get back, Hannah crawls on top of her, their bodies together as both stare into each others eyes which are only inches apart.

Hannah: You know I hope Hawk isn't the jealous type.

Before Lucy can respond though her lips are covered with Hannah's as she starts to kiss her latest piece of female prey. At first Lucy is unsure of what to do but the second Hannah parts her mouth and starts to probe the inside with her tongue, Lucy just melts in Hannah's arms and begins to kiss back. Neither cares that they are surrounded by a crowd of thousands upon thousands of people as all they see, feel and taste is each other. After a while Hannah breaks of the kiss and slides off of Lucy and the announce table, causing Lucy to let out a little whine (clearly she enjoyed herself)

Hannah: Well that was certainly fun Lucy Baby I see that you enjoyed yourself but I hope I don't distract you from doing your job you still have a match to announce but I hope your little Hawky wins though bye bye Lucy Baby.

As Lucy gets off the announce table and to her feet, Hannah blows her a kiss good bye as she skips away back up the ramp singing to herself.


I kissed a girl and I liked it,
the taste of her cherry chapstick.
I kissed a girl just to try it,
I hope Gary don't mind it.
It didn't feel wrong,
it felt so right.
I'm in love with Spicy tonight.
I kissed a girl and I liked it (I liked it)

The action moves onto the regularity scheduled programme.


Before the next CEW Downloaded segment is set to be recorded, Deanna Morgan uses the time to brush her hair and smooth out some of the creases in her suit while inside her dressing room. Breaking the silence is a knock at the door.

Voice: 5 minutes Deanna.

Deanna: Okay.

Happy with her appearance, Deanna takes the time to do various time wasting activities on her phone when there is another knock at the door.

Deanna: Yes I know!! 5 Minutes!!

Deanna tries to go back to playing Angry Dynamos II when the door is knocked on again.

Deanna: Hello? Whoever you are just come on in.

At those words the door flies open an Hannah Destiny skips her way into the room. Deanna gets up from her chair as Hannah skips circles around her before settling herself in the now unoccupied chair.

Deanna: Hello... Hannah is it? Can I help you with anything?

Hannah: Of course you can babe.

Deanna: And what might that be exactly?

Hannah: Oh you know like this and that.

Deanna: This and that? Ms... Hannah, just tell me why you're here.

Hannah: Oh you know a little bit of this a little bit of that.

Deanna: No seriously tell me why you're here.

Hannah: Telling is like so boring how about I show you?

Deanna: Yes do that but make it quick. I have the CEW Downloaded segment to record soon.

Hannah: Okay babe as you wish...

Deanna quickly regrets saying yes when she sees the look in Hannah's eyes.

Deanna: Actually on second thought why do you...

Deanna is cut off as Hannah leaps from the chair and lightly throws her into it. Before she can try to get out of it, Hannah sits down on Deanna's lap facing her. Using her hands to pin Deanna's arms down, Deanna is going nowhere as Hannah adds to her list of female accomplishments by taking in Deanna's taste as the lips and mouths of the two women connect and Hannah's tongue parts the lips of Deanna to engage her further. With nowhere to go, Deanna throws caution to the wind and returns the favour as her and Hannah become interlocked together on the chair.

After a moment, Hannah breaks off the kiss but not before giving Deanna a playful nibble on the ear.

Hannah: Mmmm... just as tasty as Addison Jenny and Lucy I hope you enjoyed it too but not too much though you still have your CEW Downloaded segment to do and we can't have you distracted of thoughts about me well bye bye babe.

With one last seductive smile at Deanna, Hannah waves goodbye before skipping away out the room. Deanna sits in silence before there is a knock at the door.

Voice: 2 minutes Deanna.

Fade to sexy black.


The fans cheer as Hannah Destiny can be seen skipping around the backstage of The 02 Arena. With her usual mischievous grin on her face, she continues to skip and skip around the building until she bumps into Natalya Jones, the very person she was hoping to run into. The male fans (and certain female fans) are excited as they know what's coming up.

Hannah: Hi Natalya...

Natalya: Hello... whoever you are.

Hannah giggles at Natalya not knowing who she is.

Hannah: Oh you don't know me Little Miss Natalya, but you will soon enough... or my lips at least...

Natalya: I... what!? Oh... you're a... you know...

Another giggle from Hannah as she looks Natalya up and down.

Hannah: Maybe... maybe I'm just a little curious... maybe I just want to make sure I'm good enough for a hot, sexy lady...

Natalya: Okay...

Hannah: Maybe you'd like to help me.

Natalya: No thank you, I'm not like that.

Hannah giggles as she steps closer and closer towards Natalya.

Hannah: Neither was I until a month ago.

Moving the last few steps towards Natalya, Hannah lightly pushes Natalya against a nearby wall. Before Natalya can do anything, Hannah presses her lips against Natalya's, kissing her ravenously. Natalya eventually relents and lets Hannah have her way. Hannah's lustful hands feel up and down Natalya's body. Hannah breaks her contact with Natalya's lips and moves down a notch, licking upward pass the collar bone, along the front of the neck, and below the chin. She stops at Natalya's lips and kisses them deeply with all of her lustful effort, making it look as if she was devouring Natalya with her ravenous kiss. Hannah extends her tongue as far as it can go to explore every corner of Natalya's mouth. Her arms wrap around Natalya's shoulders in a loving embrace that is so tight that Natalya feels like she is about to suffocate.

After a while Hannah breaks off the kiss with Natalya.

Hannah: Mmmm... you taste good Nattie... really really good...

Natalya: ... Wow...

Hannah: Wow indeed well see you around Nattie maybe I'll even come back next week to visit your friend Kelly... I hope she tastes just as good...

Natalya: I don't think Kelly is that way.

Hannah: It doesn't matter Nattie one little kiss won't change anything... see you around.

Hannah blows one last kiss towards Natalya before skipping away.


CEW Showtime is going about it's usual business when all of a sudden the music of the crowd favourite and dirty minded Hannah Destiny starts to play and the Queen of CEW Ascension skips her way down the ramp. No one in the crowd cares that HD is contracted to Ascension as they cheer the bubbly young blonde who skips full circle around the Octagon before sliding into the ring and crawling seductively towards Kelly Evans who is standing in a corner of the ring until her announcing duties are needed.

Hannah rises back up to her feet and stares her sexual prey straight in the eyes. She immediately surprises Kelly with a deep kiss, which Kelly was not quick accept but eventually her reluctancy gives in. Hannah's tongue quickly nudges at Kelly's lips, which are quickly parted by Kelly to receive her tongue. Kelly reciprocates Hannah's actions of the open-mouthed kiss with as much enthusiasm as she can muster. Hannah's hands roam all over Kelly's back during the sexual embrace before finally stopping at Kelly's ass and squeezing it tightly.

The male fans are having a field day as they watch the girl on girl action going on inside the ring before Hannah breaks off the kiss. A little strand of spit still connects the lips of both women before Hannah delivers a quick, light lick to Kelly's lips to take care of it.

Hannah: Mmmm... this never gets old you're just as delicious as all the other girls.

Kelly goes to speak but Hannah places a finger to Kelly's lips.

Hannah: Shhhh... don't speak... just savour the taste I know I certainly will so I guess with you "tongued" that means all the hot women of the female announce team have be "sampled".

Hannah's typical mischievous grin appears on her face.

Hannah: I guess that means I'm finally ready for that super gorgeous lady known as Spicy I hope Gary isn't too jealous of a HD / Spicy "friend" ship.

An playful wink from Hannah.

Hannah: Or you know I could practise just a little bit more I mean I hear there's a lot of sexy women all over CEW right now there's Snapples and Lenny and Era and Lexi oooh you know I have heard a lot of good things about Lexi from Stevie he makes her sound so divine.

Hannah seductively licks her lips.

Hannah: You know what maybe a little more practise wouldn't hurt after all Spicy is one special lady and I do have a certain book in my hotel room.

Another mischievous grin appears on Hannah's face.

Hannah: A certain brown leather book.

Without another word Hannah blows a kiss towards Kelly before seductively crawling out of the ring and skipping her way back up the ramp to the back.

Interpromotional Champion aka The Best In The World!!

Hannah "Destiny" Michelle Robson née Evans

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Anyone who complains that an RP is "too long for them to read" is just proving how weak of an RPer they are and that they don't belong here.
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